Try Needle Free Lip Fillers for Fuller Lips!

If you have been contemplating lip enhancement but have been nervous to try something painful and permanent, needle free lip filler is a great place to start! If you would like to perfect your pout, plump your pucker or are concerned about fine lines appearing around your mouth, this needle free Hyaluronic Acid “injection” will … Read more

What is an Oxygen Facial?

An Oxygen Facial combines the delivery of concentrated oxygen with oxygen-infused serums to improve the health and appearance of your skin. Oxygen Facial, or Oxygen Infusion Facial Treatment has a strengthening effect on skin and on cellular respiration. Cell respiration is the process by which cells derive energy from glucose and produce CO2, water and … Read more

What Is Microchanneling And What Are The Benefits? 

It is a technique that causes a controlled wound reaction in the topmost layer of dead skin while creating pathways that prompt the body to manufacture new collagen and elastin to heal and fill these tiny wounds. A serum containing stem cells is introduced via the channels throughout the procedure, supplying the cells with all … Read more