Muscle Toning & Body Sculpting Treatment

How Does High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Tone Muscle? 

HIFEM contracts muscles in a specific area using a powerful yet safe form of electromagnetic stimulation. Electrical currents are generated by these magnetic fields and transferred to the muscles. When the magnetic pulses are quick enough, the muscles are forced to contract, much like during rigorous exercise. Increased muscle toning is a direct result of repetitive muscle contraction.

As a result, after enough contractions, the muscles begin to create muscle and burn fat. This is what gives contouring HIFEM treatments their potency. It is used to address muscular laxity and promote toning of muscle in a variety of locations of the body, including:

  • Buttocks
  • Abdominal area
  • Triceps
  • Biceps
  • Thighs
  • Calves

HIFEM is FDA-approved to treat urine incontinence in both men and women and can increase the pelvic floor’s muscular strength.

Muscle Toning Results Supported by Science

Toning muscles and getting a sculpted body can become more difficult as we age. Apart from physical exercise, surgical intervention has been the sole way to improve the cosmetic appearance of the abdomen and buttocks. The efficacy of high intensity focused electro-magnetic (HIFEM) treatments is supported by more than 25 clinical studies. For example, HIFEM as a non-invasive approach for improving buttocks through gluteal muscle training and lifting was investigated in this recent study. Researches concluded that the HIFEM device “…safely and effectively improves the aesthetic appearance of buttocks non-invasively. The treatments not only resulted in a significant visual improvement but also increased patient confidence and satisfaction. The procedure is suitable for patients seeking improvement in tone, shape, lift, and tightness of the buttocks.”

Another study supports the statements that in addition to HIFEM being an effective tool for body shaping and muscle toning of the abdomen and buttocks, but also enhances abdominal body contour, lifts the buttocks, and improves skin quality due to tightened skin and reduced appearance of cellulite.

What Are Some Benefits of HIFEM?

The tools and devices used to augment muscle stimulation traditionally achieved with athletic training and physical therapy have been approved for therapeutic uses including maintenance and improvement of range of motion, muscle re-education, increasing local circulation, prevention or treatment of disuse atrophy, relaxation of muscle spasms and prevention of venous thrombosis, among others.

High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) mimics the action potential of nerves that cause muscle contractions. The technology has functional as well as aesthetic consequence. The numerous wellness benefits that come with core strength and health are made more accessible by HIFEM technology. Quality of life is improved because everyone wants to look and feel better and stronger. By strengthening and toning the core musculature using this non-invasive body contouring technology, patients come in to improve their appearance, but their ability to function improves because core strength is at the heart of overall physical functionality.

The safety, ease-of-use adds to the general appeal of this body sculpting technology.

What Happens During this Body Sculpting Treatment?

Clients may feel minor muscle twitches and jerks while using HIFEM®. Each pulse of HIFEM® energy causes the muscles in the treated area to contract involuntarily.

Treatment is well-tolerated and generally comfortable. Treatment is initiated at about 30-35 percent muscle intensity—patients will feel some muscle activation, almost like a tickling sensation—and titrated to full intensity within about five to 10 minutes. Total treatment time is 30 minutes. Patients undergo two 30-minute treatments per week for two weeks or until desired muscle toning effects are seen. Clinical study sites are recommending retreatment every three to four months.

The muscle tissues will change in response to the stimulus. This causes a metabolically induced deep-tissue remodeling, giving the muscles a toned and full appearance. HIFEM® has been shown to increase muscle volume and strength by up to 25%.

What To Expect

The HIFEM device applies programmed and algorithmically directed non-invasive electrical stimulation of the musculature to induce tens of thousands of supramaximal contractions in the treatment zone. Treatment is amazingly thorough. The machine manipulates the delivery of current during treatment and hits even the small muscles that you just cannot easily train otherwise.

Speed and intensity are always changing. This assures the comprehensive stimulation of target musculature, in ways that are impossible to achieve through manual voluntary exercise. Remember that each region is not just one muscle, but a system of muscles that work to stabilize and move the body. With the addition of a a smaller applicator to harness HIFEM for skeletal muscles of the extremities to tone arms and legs, HIFEM stimulates the whole musculature on a wide selection of treatment areas.

In addition to the physical muscle toning benefits or efficacy of HIFEM therapy, the safety and convenience of these technologies is remarkable. There are no major pre- or post-treatment protocols and there is no pain. Patients come in, get treated, and go about their business, feeling over the next day or so as if they’d worked out, at most. There is nothing intimidating about treatment.

A Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical Alternative to Painful & Expensive Surgeries with HIFEM Muscle Toning

Body contouring, muscle toning, ageless body sculpting, and body shaping treatments have become more popular recently as surgical treatments like liposuction have grown more common. Thanks to technological advances, non-invasive treatments are now available as an alternative to enduring and recovering from painful and expensive surgeries.

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