Interview With Heather Walsh, Owner of Ageless Aesthetics by HB Walsh Anti Aging Skin Care Company

Welcome to this video interview with Phil Brilliant, president of the Greater Toms River Chamber of Commerce. Today, Phil will be speaking with Heather Walsh, the owner of Ageless Aesthetics by HB Walsh. Heather is a highly skilled and experienced skin care specialist, and she has built a reputation for providing top-quality antiaging treatments at her practice in Bayville, New Jersey.

In this interview, Heather will be sharing her expertise on the latest skin care techniques and technologies, as well as the services she offers at her practice. We hope you enjoy the interview and learn more about the wonderful work that Heather and her team are doing at Ageless Aesthetics by HB Walsh.

Good morning and happy New Year to everyone I am Marina Papanicholas CEO of the Greater Toms River Chamber of Commerce and I would like to welcome you to our very first chamber chat of the Year here at Ageless Aesthetics by H.B Walsh with owner, Heather Walsh and GTRCC chairman, Phil Brilliant.

Beautiful office you have here in Bayville New Jersey so we’ve gone South of the Border (in relation to Toms River, NJ).

What is Ageless Aesthetics and What Do Your Do Here?

Tell us about what you do and what is a normal day for you like?

Every day is a little different, which I love. I’m a registered nurse and I have been for over 30 years. I recently took the initiative to become involved in the Aesthetics field. We perform different skin tightening procedures that include anti-aging and body contouring technology, so everything is designed to help men and women feel better about themselves and improve their appearance. The best part of these procedures is that they have minimal downtime and are completely non-invasive.

We were thinking this morning that we we’re going to do this like the Today Show, like the Katie Couric colonoscopy, but we had too many volunteers who wanted to get their face done. When it comes to tightening of the face, you know what are we exactly talking. When you say these treatments are noninvasive, does that mean I not going to have pain?

The antiaging skin care treatments we do here are completely pain-free and most procedures can be done in under an hour. You don’t really feel much of anything. We have several different options to choose from.

heather walsh owner of ageless aesthetics
  • Jet Plasma
    which kind of remodels the skin from the inside out while leaving no injury to the face
  • Micro Channeling
    which uses very fine needles but they barely penetrate the first layer of skin but they work to stimulate the deeper layers which is where all the magic happens
  • Plasma Fibroblast
    which is our most invasive but still never puncturing the skin the skin is completely numbed and we use a device that creates small brown dots it reacts the energy coming through the pen reacts but the gases coming off of your skin and it makes little brown dots on the skin immediately tightens and shrinks the skin before your eyes as you’re doing it and there is no pain associated at all because your skin is numbed.

I like that plan works before your eyes that was very good but basically any skin tightening so it doesn’t just have to be your face like you know like as we get older we get these little gurgles on the neck how about the arms we can tree anywhere on the face or body generally people notice aging signs first in the lower third of their face just due to gravity so the neck the jowls the jawline.

We target our skincare procedures to hit those areas. Not many people come in and do just the face without their neck. Everybody wants to include their neck and depending on the treatment you choose, sometimes we’ll recommend a series based on how significant your wrinkling is or your skin laxity.

Anti Aging Skin Care Treatment Recovery

Plasma fibroblast generally is one treatment that comes with just a couple of days of minimal downtime where you have just the dots but there’s no other restrictions except putting not putting any products on your skin on top of it. With both Jet plasma and Micro channeling, you can literally perform both on your lunch hour and go back to work afterward. You don’t leave with any injury to the skin possibly mild redness but that’s really the extent of it. Basically, when I’m going out to grab a sandwich I can come in get something done on my face. Afterward it may just looked like I was in the wind a little. When I go back to work nobody would know the difference.

What is a consultation is like?

When you come in for a consultation, you may know exactly what you want, or you may not be sure what treatment would be best for your situation. You may have some wrinkles on your face or have something you want to get some work done on. How do you work through to determine what the best thing is for everybody?

Our consultations are always free. I will spend time with the person and determine what their schedule will allow and what their comfort level is.

Some people are absolutely not willing to walk around with dots on their face for a few days but if they have time off from work or they’re retired and they can stay home, that’s fine, I have other people who don’t care they go to work and let it all show. It doesn’t matter to them. Some people are very afraid of pain so we start with one of the less invasive procedures like Jet plasma where the only thing you’re going to feel is maybe a very slight vibration. In fact, many people find it extremely relaxing.

The more significant the wrinkles are, obviously, the more treatments I would recommend or the more significant of a procedure I would recommend.

Do The Same Procedures That Diminish Wrinkles Help With Acne?

Now these procedures are not just for wrinkles but for acne, also. Would that be for all ages? Absolutely. We’ve treated teenagers the devices are absolutely safe. We go through not only the treatment here, but little things they can do at home as aftercare. I have products here that can help and I educate them about simple things they can do that will help. For example, they should be changing their pillowcases every other day which most of them don’t think of. As you’re sleeping the bacteria is coming out of your mouth and into your pillowcase and then your cheek is exposed. There are other little things that you can do to help, but a few sessions of Jet plasma and a little bit of LED light therapy and they’re usually clear.

How Often Do Treatments Need To Be Repeated?

Are these skincare treatments part of a process you’ll need to keep maintaining for the rest of your life? Not necessarily. Generally I like to do at least three treatments if I’m doing jet plasma um because you want to make sure that you’re hitting those deeper layers of the skin where all of the collagen and elastin are produced. Doing a series seems to help the best with having your body start to rejuvenate that way.

Most of the time the results will, based on your lifestyle, last anywhere from two to five years on all of these treatments. I do have people who choose to come back every couple months or a monthly and just do one quick treatment as kind of a maintenance. I have people who spend a lot of time in the sun, so as soon as they get back from a vacation they come in and they work the magic and erase all of the damage they’ve done while they’ve been out. It varies.

What Are The Payment Options?

Any chance insurance pays for this at all? Not at this time. We do offer financing though. Cherry financing allows for even the larger packages can be covered and paid at your comfort level.

You have 30 years of experience as a nurse and you’ve been in the schools as a nurse and decided you wanted to do something different. How did this come come up? How did you choose this?

As I’ve been aging I’ve been looking for things that are not surgical that I could do to prolong and improve the health of my skin. It’s been really interesting to see how many different treatments are out there. Surgery has become unattainable for many people when you’re talking about thirty thousand dollars for a facelift and six weeks off of work for recovery so having options that are non-invasive and include minimal downtime have been important to me.

It just kind of was a natural progression that I knew my friends would be interested in and I knew there were many women out there in the same position who would love to do something like this. And men, too. Yes, men too.

I would have to imagine the world has changed so much because of Covid. And one of the things that has changed is there’s many people who are now remote working. And with remote work, you’re on TV all day long would it be a zoom call. Let me make sure my lighting is right and it’s actually I’m noticing more and more that people have bought those circular lights because I can see them glowing in the background. That’s got to be a commercial to get the link let me fix up my face because I need to look good.

These lights are harsh, you can hide a lot but you can’t with bad lighting and bad cameras. A lot of people don’t hear what’s even going on in their zooms because they’re so focused on how they look and trying to position themselves or change their lighting or move around.

They turn their camera off – I’m not turning my camera on today.

Getting Started With A Consultation or Appointment

How many days a week are you open? How do we make a consultation versus an appointment. How do we get a hold of you?

All of my hours are by appointment so I’m not here general hours nine to five. It just depends on when I have clients. I can be reached through my website or my cell phone number 848-992-3157 or on my Instagram. My cell phone is always on.

Most of the time we do a consultation first. If we’re doing something that doesn’t take a lot of time and doesn’t have a lot of prep work for me, like Jet plasma, I can usually do your first session at your consultation if you choose.

GTRCC interview about anti aging skin care procedures in bayville, nj

Does Jet Plasma and Microchanneling help with Scarring?

When it comes to scarring, if I have a cut on my face, or I may have to cut my arm – can you do something about scarring? Absolutely. Jet plasma is known to help improve scarring. We’ve treated people with acne scarring from their teens and we’ve treated them into their 40s and we’ve made a visible difference within three sessions. Plasma fibroblast also can help treat scars and stretch marks or any of those kinds of concerns.

We are in Bayville yes right off of Route 9 in Ocean County, New Jersey right along the Jersey Shore. Call 848-992-3157 or

It’s been great talking to you today, thank you, Heather for coming out this morning. You have a beautiful office. One of the questions I was going to ask is I noticed there were no mirrors but then I did notice a mirror over here. This is the way to come in and it’s not just about beautifying yourself but it’s also about quality of life and health going forward. These services help to build confidence and feeling good about yourself.

Thank you very much. Thanks for being a member of the Greater Toms River Chamber of Commerce and we will see you next month. Enjoy yourself and stay well.

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